Trademarks – The Fight against Theft

The world is full of evil practices.  We are born into rat races and life becomes a competition right from the beginning.  In today’s world, business ethics is a myth.  People can go to any lengths in order to make money.  There is no longer any respect left for fair play.  Over the years, numerous people have come up with new and innovative ideas that have created successful businesses.  A single creative idea can inspire a lot of new ones.  But taking inspiration from an original idea is one thing, and copying it or misusing it for monetary gain is an entirely different matter.  This is very wrong.

People who do these sorts of things have no respect for the hard labor that the owner of the original idea has put into it.  This is a form of theft and can lead to a lot of problems.  These sorts of things are very common in the worldwide film industry.  Filmmakers from other countries often copy an entire film without the original filmmaker’s knowledge.  Suppose a Hollywood film releases and goes on to become a blockbuster.  Its success at the box office might inspire people from other countries to make a film in their language based entirely on the hit film.

A lot of foreign films are copied from Hollywood films.  Even Hollywood has copied from French, Korean and other types of films. This is a very serious offence.  But most of the time, these types of crimes go unnoticed.  If a film in India is copied scene by scene from a Hollywood project, it is a very rare scenario that the producers of the original film even get to know about the theft of concept.  It is very difficult to trace these things, and even when you do, the legal steps involved are very complicated.

It is very tough to accept the fact that you are not being given your due credit for your efforts.  It is very difficult and painful to see other people misusing your talent.  People plagiarize shamelessly.  It is very important to defend your work against them.  If you find out that a film has been copied from your work and you file a suit against the producers and chances are that in all probabilities, the case won’t be of much help.  This is not theft of an actual item; it is theft of an idea.  It is very difficult to prove it.  The accused might claim that the idea had occurred to him or her and is not copied.

It is possible that the accused can date his or her script back to a time when your film hadn’t even released.  The law can be manipulated by hook or crook.  The rules and regulations related to these sorts of crimes are not very clear or strict yet.  This is why it is important to trademark your film.  The film should be trademarked under the banner of the production house in question.  This simplifies things a lot.

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